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Just got back from a flight on Delta and they announced that "electronic interference" from their prohibited devices MAY cause static in the pilot's headphones. The subject of electronic interference is so questionable it's not even logical.
I can see the safety aspects of stowing phones, tablets, laptops, etc. on take-off and landings and even in violent/turbulent airspace but the majority of time on a cross-country flight is uneventful and if a tablet,
Kindle or Bluetooth headphones cause interference with a plane's flight/navigation systems then they have MUCH bigger problems in safety than ever imagined.
Voice communication is still definitely out of the question as I sure as hell don't want to be cooped up next to some addle-brained idiot yapping on his/her cell phone as well as invading my limited space.

Metnav... Fly The Unfriendly Skies
Derry, NH
The biggest reason that they blanket ban devices that can transmit a signal is lawyers. It is soooooo difficult to cover/close all the loopholes to prevent a sleasy lawyer finding a way to get a payout following an accident that its just easier to perpetuate the myth & rule.