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reply to elctrczipper

Re: No optical drive for new iMac? Opportunity!

said by elctrczipper:

Did I get it right in that the new iMacs no longer have an optical drive? Wow, what an opportunity if that is the case! Just think if someone or Apple came out with an alternate base for it that contained an optical drive bay along with the viewing angle adjustability of the G4 FP iMacs? That would truly be a super iMac. Just plug a short cord from the base to a Thunderbolt or usb3 port and be ready to go with a very conveniently able to adjust to near perfection viewing angle not available since the G4 FP iMacs. I'd buy it! I hope someone does this, I know I would if I was able.

this product basically does that

»twelvesouth.com/products/hirise_ ··· se_imac/