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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS


TWC is JUST getting around to bonding their upstream. 15/1 is the new normal, and 1 is 1,000 times SLOWER on the upstream.

Their current technology cant provide 1/1G, but they can't say that.

Google pitches the cloud (which is HEAVY upstream), so to put it bluntly, TWC is caught flat footed on this one and they know it.

As an incumbent, you always dismiss the disruptive force because of their superior technology or approach. You can't say 1/1GIG is 10 years ahead of its time and our product is sh**t compared to it. C'mon guys.

And to those who think GOOG isnt making money, think again. They not only employed superior technology, but superior logistics and that lowers cost. Of course they tore up the franchise model, which is a good thing, because communities are not homogeneous and should not be treated as such.

Yes GOOG customer service really sucks, but this is why they start out small, so they can get better at it. This whole Google Play fiasco is proof that dropping ads or beta software is different than direct to consumer model. Then again when I used to call TWC it was no ride in the park either....and they have been at it 40+ years.