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Don't Blame Me I Voted For Bill and Opus

Cheyenne, WY
reply to alchav

Remember when Google added 1gig of storage for Gmail

I remember well the impact Google had on email when they upgraded gmail to one gig's worth of storage. My account had something like 500 megs at the time. By invitation only and each person with a gmail account could invite 100 people. These accounts where in such demand that people where selling invites on eBay. Now my file space is approaching 11 gig's and it continues to go up. This nuked the other email carriers and they scrambled to match what Google had done. Could it be if Google starts to spread their system out it will have the same affect. Google is so large that they have the where-with-all to nuke the Teleco's and Cableco's if taken to court. The way I look at it, it is a build it and they will come sort of a thing. I keep thinking I started using Google about the 2nd or 3rd day it came on line and have been using it every since.
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