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Carbondale, IL
reply to axus

Re: The cost

said by axus:

Why do you think it would cost so much to provide a gigabit connection? You can rent a server with Gigabit speeds for like $20/mo, the hardware cost to Google is probably on the level of the server price. Maintaining a fiber network is cheaper than a copper one, right?

You are wrong on every single one of those points.

First of all, the server. Go find me a truly unlimited gigabit dedicated server with a decent BGP blend of bw providers for under, let's say, $500/mo. Good luck, because such a thing dosn't exist. There's only a handful of dedis in this price range, all of which have extremely terrible networks.

That $20 server? Shared gigabit line, low bandwidth, probably oversold, and a budget transit or single-homed network. And that's being optimistic.

Datacenters are NOT a good comparison to use. They do not have to maintain their own fiber rings/backbones, last-mile networks, nodes, infrastructure, etc. They do not have to pay for modems for every customer, they do not have to run miles and miles of fiber through a large city, they do not have to pay for permits to run said fiber... They need a building, stable power, some pricy UPS/genset systems, a few fiber lines, and a ridiculous cooling system.

Also, good luck finding a dedicated server at $20 with a gigabit line. Online.net is the only provider offering gigabit at that price, and their gigabit has exceedingly bad international transit (as well as a impressively bad network). Kimsufi doesn't count, they use 100Mbit lines with 5TB limits.

An ISP has WAY more infrastructure to maintain than a server provider. Comparing the two directly is idiotic.


Washington, DC
Hey, good info there, so how much do you think it all costs Google when you add up all those and divide by the number of subscribers? BTW, google is providing a Nexus 7 as a remote control, don't forget to include that cost

I shouldn't have implied dedicated server for $20. How many VPS users do you think they have per physical server?

5TB seems pretty high to me, do you think Google fiber customers will be hitting that? Does Kimsufi have a good network, maybe I should rent a server there if it's really dedicated.