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Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

without repercussions you end up with the Bhells/Rogers/Shaws of Canada breaking the law and paying a small fine for the crime. All 14 customers pay there bill on time
I don't understand the process nor do I condone any type of isp's behavior but we all know dsl can't afford tech's half the time. This is fact they are kept around usually do to government subsity and if you see where I am going with this. The same problems come up. Not enough customer base , lines never upgraded, no fiber because customer base doesn't warrant it to be profitable no one is going to buy a 140 thousand dollar real of fiber just so you can play wow faster. Its not going to happen folks.

Myself I know that dsl is the way of the dodo bird and the government basically sleeps with the directors. Who Cares let cable golliaths with there private lines deal with and enormous profit margins like 30 grand a month? whats telus make like 300 bucks? Its tiring getting kicked off a network every 3-9 months and Im treated like dirt everywhere anyway and hated by the head techs because it causes " Pressure " ? Any way Its tough to be right all the time and have no influence on reality.