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Re: [General] Free Temporary upgrade

said by inoudo:

Thanks NetFixer.

"I think the biggest problem might be with the older Westel 2200..."

Actually the Westell is my newer modem since I'm running my original Alactel Speedtouch Home in bridged mode with a Linksys WRT54GS for home networking all of the time. The Westell is backup for support (BS/ATT used to support it, Don't know nowadays since I haven't had any problems in years).

You can't really beat the reliability of the old Alcatel STH modems for standard ANSI ADSL service. I still have one that worked perfectly until I was forced to retire it when AT&T/BellSouth changed their PPPoE handshaking several years ago and made it incompatible with the router I was using at the time.

The reason I suggested a newer ADSL2(+) modem is because you appear to be at the borderline for being able to get a good reliable sync for 6 mbps service using standard ANSI ADSL. If your DSLAM supports ADSL2(+), the extended reach of that technology would improve your chances of a successful 6 mbps connection.
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