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St Albert, AB
reply to knoot

Re: [AB] BB50 and shaw a waste of time if you want to use netfli

first off. I would like to say sorry. I was wrong it was not shaw it was me, kinda

Router is fine, yes the modem is bridged (had a problem getting it bridged the first time, like 3 days after i got it, got hit with a $5 increase a month for that, something about different codes, i was not to happy about that).

Surprised it took me this long to figure out, I had to port forward my router for netflix. Once i did that, BOOM movie loads in about .5 seconds, and it's hd in about 10 seconds. Really really surprised this isn't on the techs sheets of questions to ask, especially if they know the user has a router. It would not be that hard to do, they could just email the user a link to the netflix part of portforward.com.

I port forward alot of stuff (or used to) on my computer, just never occurred to me to do it for my xbox for some reason. Now I just have to manually configure my IP for my xbox so it does not change again.

Quick question though, my router would not let me port forward netflixs' ports to my computer, said something about not being able to open the ports for 2 ips. So netflix is still dog slow on my computer. But i don't really care, I'm sure if i looked into it more i could figure out what to do. As i watch netflix mainly on the xbox.

I guess i just never thought about opening the ports for the xbox because i didn't have to when i was with telus. But oh well. As of know everything is good to go.