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Jasper, IN
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Re: [CATV] Pixelation & s0a00

Well so much for the new box. Weds night it started to screech and it reset itself, so after some reading I did the normal unplugging etc.. and nothing the screeching got louder and finally the box shut off and wouldn't come back on. I unplugged the box for the night and called Insight Thursday morning and it was decided it had died.

This afternoon a tech showed up and got a brand new box this time its a box that's been out for a while DCH6414 (rather then my DCT6414 III). Everything is the same except the face of the box. Still has 160gig hd as well. (too bad it wasn't bigger lol)

He did find a issue on one of my cords which was a quad shielded cord. It was blocking several of the channels, he put on a tri-shielded cord (like the rest of my cords) and the channels came right on. Very weird. There was no kinks in the cord or anything. He even re-spliced it. He stated as soon as he saw it he knew there was going to be trouble, he stated he has had a lot of issues with those cords. He also showed me some great tips with the box and internet. He was by far the best tech I've seen yet he was in no rush and took the time I learned a lot. I will be able to talk to tech support much better now in the future. Big thumbs up for this guy.
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