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Verizon Router/Own Route

I currently have Fios internet/phone, but not TV service.

I use my own router ever since the other one died on us years ago. I use a higher end router that is needed for a few things, including the extra range of course, and really don't wish to use one of those actiontec ones.

I was told I will need verizon's router for the TV service due to some features needing it. I was directed to this guide here: (»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Can I use my wireless or an extra router along with the Verizon provided router? ) about stringing together both routers.

Our home computers are used for HEAVY amounts of Torrenting/games, and was wondering if performance could be hindered. Also wondering if the provided routers have improved at all? I have had nothing but trouble with our original years back and hated every second of it (mostly port issues and range).


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If you don't have FIOS-TV, there is no reason you need the VZ router.

It's not clear from your post, if you're thinking of getting TV service. If so, I would recommend putting the Actiontec behind your router. See option 6 or 7 here:
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »What are the tradeoffs between the various router configurations
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