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The Boro
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reply to WB3FFV

Re: [Business] IPv6 Availability

said by WB3FFV:

That was my impression as well, why RIP, who knows. I could be wrong, but I am guessing that needing that, precludes being able to run the SMC in bridge mode, so of course no IPv6 for us yet..

Actually, I have used the SMCD3G-CCR in bridge mode and had no problems with Comcast's native IPv4/IPv6 dual stack: »Re: [Business] IPv6 Availability

Of course, that did require me to stop using the /29 IPv4 block that I had been using. For my applications, I get by just fine using the five DHCP assigned IPv4 addresses that Comcast allows for business class accounts. I use DynDNS, and they support IPv6 using the internal client in my D-Link DIR655 router (that client allows updating multiple DynDNS hostnames with their associated IPv6 LAN IP addresses).

FWIW, you can see a diagram of my network at » ··· gram.gif (I won't imbed it in this post because of the usual moans and groans I get when I do that).
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