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Gainesville, VA
reply to queens bee

Re: [Equipment] HD Box

Hi queens bee.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to pick up on your posting. If you haven't already swapped boxes, I wanted to let you know that there is no fee for RCN to deliver and set up a TiVo equipment.

If you join the forum, you can private message me with the name on your account and I can look to see what the monthly price difference between your standard dig box and a TiVo pre would be.

Either way, because we do not offer self installation as an option with TiVo equipment, we waive the truck roll fee.


queens bee

reply to Neiljoshua
I will definitely visit the nearest office to me, as it's hard to believe there are no other HD boxes other than Tivo's. Too bad I can't get a Premiere though, It shouldn't be hard to connect an extra one as I already have the line and the bundle.


Astoria, NY
reply to queens bee
Look for a RCN center close to you. They can swap your converter for a HD box in the RCN offices. RCN offices don't have TiVo boxes though. A tech is required to install any TiVo box.

The Hero of Time
Bath, PA
reply to queens bee
They offer other HD boxes that you can go pickup. I suggest recalling and consider a preview.

queens bee

I just called 1-800, as I wanted to upgrade one of my boxes that is only a standard digital converter to an HD box. I already have the Tivo bundle and I was told that my only option is a Tivo Premiere in which they will have to install themselves, so I have to pay $50 for it.

So RCN doesn't have a standard HD box I can just go to the office here in NY and swap out? I prefer the Premiere, but don't want to pay extra for installation.