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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to cell14

Re: Vonage is a scam operation, period.

said by cell14:

I have an advertisement allergy and my brain immediately shuts down when I see or hear an ad. But it remains an omnipotent tool.

A lot of politicians certainly thought so....

said by cell14:

My neighbor who calls England every day still uses ATT and "special discount plan" 7c/minute plus a slew of taxes and surcharges and she would not even give a try to Localphone for 1c/minute straight. One of my friends in the NL actually refuses to call my Dutch DID because he expects some scam-

I'm curious, have you ever tried to present it to them as being the same type of thing as Skype, but better? Does your neighbor trust Oprah?

Heck, invite your neighbor over to your house, let her make a call to the UK.

But you are right, people will NOT do it unless they overcome some hurdle in their own mind. There is a lot of resistance which is why POTS survives.

A lot of ignorance too.

Even in RECENT years, a lot of old folks were still paying the monthly phone rental fees dating back to the old Bell System!