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Re: Social Media Shutdown


Tom Rutledge and his executive team are clearly being pennywise and pound foolish with this decision to eliminate the Umatter2Charter

I hope that somehow the BoD and Shareholders realize that all the positive things that have occured in the previous number of years and with the previous CEO and executive management team are being undone.

As far as the bottom line....other customers posting here are correct in the most logical sense about how being foolish with how costs are cut in the end social media was not only helping customers that could not resolve problems via phone support, but those customers also seeing positive results would remain paying customers and likely make referrals to their friends, family, and acquaintances regarding Charter.

If you have an avenue to reach the Board of Directors and Shareholders with the viewpoints your customers have posted here PLEASE direct them to view these comments.

I see this situation at Charter much like that of the recent debacle at HP, the possible disaster there was averted there at the last minute ....I hope that the Shareholders and the BoD can stop the insanity of the current CEO and Executive management team before it is too late.