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reply to StuartMW

Re: Australia Card part 2

said by StuartMW:

I know why they want this. They want to know everything about everyone from cradle to grave. They want you to swipe that card every time you pee. They want to use some number (not sure what that'd be in Australia) so they can easily link all their databases together.

It is really a big waste of govt funds and our taxes. Sure it might save funds and expenses in their eyes, but the more we keep cutting jobs the more criminal activity will rise due to not being able to feed ourselves and our families - we really are regressing to our past with such notions of cost cutting by linking everything to save on jobs and costs.

On the security side, the fact everything is linked - and costs and/or cost cutting for updating software, maintaining of the databases, employing people that actually are smart IT professionals etc, the implications of this database being exploited grow with it. That is a real concern.

My favorite comment of late - "logistics of decisions are never correctly researched" and the clean up costs even more than correct research and implementation in the first place. Ah but in commerce they are 2 different bills and allowed in wasting those tight budgets we all seem to have to deal with in today's world.
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said by norwegian:

It is really a big waste of govt funds and our taxes.

Well I don't think there's a politician anywhere that really cares about how much they spend. You may have heard about our "Fiscal Cliff" here in the US. Trouble is we have Thelma on one side and Louise on the other and both built the cliff in the first place. Probably won't get a good outcome there.

Politicians, at all levels of gummint, want power. If they have to tax and spend to get it then so be it.

So back to the point. Any kind of National ID Card is just another power grab. I'm not sure of the (public) rationale for it in Australia. Here in the US the two reasons I've heard are to better detect illegal immigrants and terrorists. Those, of course, are the public reasons. The real reason is to gain more control over citizens.

The NSA already has a huge database of data on US and other citizens. Imagine how much "better" that'd be if they could link all the stuff together via single codes (individual ID codes). Just enter a code and bring up everything on that individual. Big Brother was an amateur by comparison.
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