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Nelson, BC

Rogers Wireless Family Plan - Anything Better?

Hi everyone,

Wireless question here:

I have about 2.5 years left in a family plan I share with my brother with Rogers that is at $125/month that was offered 6 months ago. I see they've changed their basic plans now but the gist of our plan is 2GB shared data, 400 shared minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends and sms, and My10. Call ID/VM is not included and charged at standard website addon rates.

I have some questions for people more familiar with Rogers and getting better deals:
1) Once in a family plan, is it possible to get out of it, back into two separate individual plans?
2) Does Rogers ever match deals from the other big 3 (Bell, Telus, Fido), say if you are willing to resign for a 2 or 3 year term if you must? Fido had a terrific advertised plan for $57/month this November that didn't even need a contract (!!) that would have been nice to have matched. I feel like it was such a mistake to get on this Rogers Family plan.
3) Any great unadvertised deals people who work for Rogers offer on this forum?

London, ON
·WIND Mobile
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You can split the accounts up off the family plan at any time. However a few things to note, you will most likely both be put into a new 3 years contract. They have a horrible habit of renewing the contract date when some changes are made.

As for matching price with other carriers, good luck. It's not completely impossible, but to date (I've been with Rogers for at least 25 years) I have yet to get them to match a price. They will give you other deals (or things that seem like a deal) though.

Your best bet is to calculate what your individual plans would be before moving away from the Family plan. Take your current total and compare it to the total you come up to individually.


Scarborough, ON
reply to ctylor
Contracts are no longer renewed unless you're taking advantage of a hardware discount. If it's renewed by accident, then it works out in your favour as the ECF will only be $12.50. You can certainly separate them into individual plans if you want, but it won't save you any money. Family plans are cleverly designed by Rogers to be the same price as two individual plans for the first two lines. The savings only kick in when you had 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines.

Rogers does not really price match, they may offer you some bill credits if they feel that you might cancel. You'll need to convince them that you'll actually leave to get deals, and that might be hard to do if you have 2.5 years left.

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
Rogers has a lot of haters right now, mainly due to their quarterly rate increases. If you have multiple services, you will be paying more or losing some service on a regular bases.

Once my wireless contract is up, I'm moving over to Wind...by then, they likely will be covering 99% of the area's that I am in....maybe have a Petro-Canada pre-paid for the other area's.

I pay $51 (with all fee's before the Hated Sales Tax - heavily discounted) for 200 minutes, MY5 and 1GB and unlimited messages (canada only) -- and free caller ID. But Wind gets you unlimited messages for US/Canada, unlimited calling US/Canada and unlimited data (6GB fair usage) for $40 + HST. Pay less, get more, makes sense. When I speak to Rogers, they say $50 per month for minimum profit, I'm already below that before fee's, so they can't do anything for me...Rogers needs to figure out how to do it. If they figure it out, I'l stick around.
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Nelson, BC
reply to ctylor
Even the Fido deal of Nov 2012 was good enough, and as we know, Mobilicity and WIND are always better but you have to deal with the whole Home zone vs. Away zone. But Fido had unlimited Canada-wide long-distance calling and sms, 1GB data, and Call ID/VM. It was so good for one of the big 4.

I guess we should just keep our ears and eyes opens for future promotions. We basically got sucked into our plan to get a free Android tablet and Blackberry, and in retrospect, that was a ridiculous reason to get locked into 3 years worth of high prices.