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Re: [Business] IPv6 Availability

Couldn't you get the 8014, login as mso to the webpage and get the RIP key?

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said by joako:

Couldn't you get the 8014, login as mso to the webpage and get the RIP key?

Possibly, but it has been a while since I had access to an SMC8014, and I don't remember seeing an html menu for setting up RIP (and even when I did use the old mso login, Comcast did the static IP setup, and I only logged into the SMC8014 for troubleshooting purposes when necessary for the VAR for whom I was working). As I recall the RIP setup is done from a telnet session, and there is a special Quagga authentication (not the same as the mso credentials) needed to access the imbedded Quagga client. When I did PEN testing on my own SMCD3G-CCR, it was easy to find the Quagga telnet interface, but I still could not do anything with it without the Quagga credentials, and my intent with the PEN testing was to make sure that there were no easily accessed backdoors to my network, not to hack into the SMCD3G for my own purposes).

I also suspect that even if a customer somehow obtained the key, and was able to install a Comcast compatible Quagga client in their own *nix router, that as soon as some Comcast audit discovered it, that customer's static IP block (if not their service) would be terminated. As I previously mentioned, it was random audits that triggered Comcast to reset my SMCD3G-CCR from bridge mode back into gateway mode on multiple occasions (even though it was Comcast CSRs who had put it into bridge mode for me).
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