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Re: [WIN7] Computer Always Freezing - Sometimes crashes.

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First off, a big thanks to all helping me out here. I didnt expect such a good response - restores a bit of faith in humanity.

Right, I've backed all my stuff up, and any fatalities now will just mean a loss of time rather than my precious precious data.

My 2 hard drives are a 120GB (WIN7 OS) and a 2TB (My Documents and back-ups etc).

The 120GB drive is about 4 or 5 years old now, whereas the 2TB was bought just a few months ago.

I have attached two screenshots for the reports from HD Tune Pro 5.00. The health status on the older drive is 'warning' and there are two yellow lines there too. I'm no clever scientist, but it looks like there might be problem with the drive.

I think my best solution here is to clear all the stuff of my 2TB onto my external HDD - Reformat it and put my OS on it and then chuck the 120GB in the bin?


From what I understand from the good people here that do explain what these figures mean, you have this concern.

There is sectors of the hard drive to be decided on whether they are good or bad and that is yet to happen.
The data may or may not be recoverable. There has been sectors that has been reallocated that were bad.
I believe that count of 232 in the second line that's yellow is a big concern and the data there is possibly lost altogether suggesting you will get more errors than you have now.

Possibly koitsu See Profile may drop past and give you the defined answers on exactly what is going on for piece of mind but you seem to understand enough to be on the path of sorting it out to move on.

I can see nothing initially wrong with the 2TB drive either, so it will keep you running.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke


Hi Norwegian, thanks for that, yea I just saw yellow and that was it for me. I'm not concerned about any type of data recovery as its just my OS and programmes on that drive.

I think I'm just going to take it out, hit it with a big hammer, place it in pieces in the metal recycling bin.

Richmond, VA
reply to Korpers
said by Korpers:

I think my best solution here is to clear all the stuff of my 2TB onto my external HDD - Reformat it and put my OS on it and then chuck the 120GB in the bin?

That seems like a lot of work for nothing. If your 120GB is dying, simply move your data to the 2TB, remove the 120 and call it a day. It should take all of 30-60 minutes to copy the data while you eat popcorn and boringly watch. If the problems disappear, you can buy another data drive or leave well enough alone and not spend a dime. How much of that 2TB could you possibly be using? Keep up the backups! I highly recommend cloud backup solutions like Carbonite, Mozy, etc. Carbonite is 60 bucks a year for unlimited storage. I have well over 200GB on their servers. Cloud backups are great but they should be accompanied with a local backup to additional devices as well.