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Milwaukee, WI
·AT&T Midwest
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reply to JV

Re: Need Info and Advice - Considering Switching to AT&T U-verse

said by JV:

I’m interested in the “Max Plus” 18 Mbps plan for $53/month + equipment fees, although I see no indication of what the up speed is for it.

So is this “real” fiber optic service or some bastardized hybrid that sucks, is it any good, and should I give it a try?

Check the terms on the money-back guarantee, aka the fine print. Do not rely on any verbal promises on the phone at any point in the process. Make sure they have your e-mail address and that you promptly receive any promised order summaries and so on. If any info is missing, call them to follow up.

I had Uverse for a year with no major problems. I did the 12 Mbps self-install and that went fine. You are required to buy the modem on that plan, and that's why I said to check the terms carefully and know what it's going to take to get it all taken out if the installers or the service itself doesn't meet your expectations.

My common-sense advice would be to get the AT&T service running smoothly for a month before saying au revoir to cable.

Cable's problem usually seems to be in the signal level and interference with/from other services on the cable. They are constantly tweaking stuff, but the actual cable plant seems to be fairly reliable.

AT&T, on the other hand, has equipment that adjusts itself for the most part, but their cable plant is often in poor shape, meaning water-logged, squirrel-damaged, possibly paper-insulated and only marginally within specification. Also they may have to remove undocumented bridge taps to get things working properly. If a short run of cable near your house is bad, installers may attempt to bypass it with drop line, but permanent repairs to their multipair cables are rare, around here at least. It's all band-aids and baling wire.
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