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Peterborough, ON
reply to Tig

Re: Software on rented PCs can spy on you

said by Tig:

FWIW, I first saw an inductive phone tap demonstrated in the 60s. I've not considered phone lines secure since then.
Here's a link to a science fair project that demonstrates the concept for a few bucks.
I'm not offering any opinion on comparative security, just wanted to contribute some historical information on phone security.
We're all secure until someone targets us.
I was once advised by someone in the business to always turn my webcam down on the desk when not in use. I do cover my laptop cam lens. Probably should defeat the mic also. Never assume privacy or security.

From the quoted article,

"You must, however, give consideration to the possibility that the method of retransmission might be more subject to discovery than the tap itself."

What law enforcement and the letter agencies do now are retransmission bursts. So the days of "sweeping" for bugs are over. Just pull up to the targets house or office and handshake the device and download the data in a matter of seconds. BTW this thread is now being monitered by the CSE.


Carrying Place, ON
Hey Pete,
It's only the inductive tap I wanted to point out. Like most technology, if you can touch it, you can compromise it.
Every time I investigate a security issue, I am dismayed to find that if you are targeted you will be compromised. The tools may not be available to us (yet), but that doesn't mean that they don't exist.
Humans are the weak link in security. Don't let them touch your stuff.


Exactly. Who's more likely to hack an account? James Bond tapping my phone line or an Azerbaijani script kiddie, looking to steal a credit card to load up on a game service or a skype account?

This entire argument is reductio ad absurdum.

Avatars are for posers
Peterborough, ON
reply to Tig
said by Tig:

Humans are the weak link in security.

And the legacy and lessons of Kevin Mitnick are just as relevant today as they were decades ago. I've engaged in social engineering almost as long as he has.

In the alternative I am constantly saying to parties that have my information, "I can't believe you were just going to tell me that. Is this how lax your security is?"

My dog is an elitist
reply to lugnut
said by lugnut :

This entire argument is reductio ad absurdum.

I don't think that expression means what you think it does, but anyway, this entire discussion got ridiculous when you announced that you "weren't stupid enough" to do any banking on your computer.

To hell with that ... to introduce a little levity here:

"The promoters of the global economy see nothing odd or difficult about unlimited economic growth or unlimited consumption in a limited world."
Wendell Berry