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This is a sub-selection from Unions suck

Colorado Springs, CO
reply to schmolf4

Re: Unions suck

said by schmolf4:

guessing the unions have no problems putting 18000+ Hostess employees out of work because they refused a slight pay cut contract...

This is exactly the uneducated drivel that is bringing this country down. They wanted a 30% paycut, after an earlier 25% paycut. Are you saying you can survive that kind of paycut and call it a slight payout? The executives gave themselves million dollars in bonuses before asking for that second paycut. It was a bain capital style hedge fund that bought Hostess and began these cuts. They will sell off the pieces and patents/trademarks like they planned to in the first place.

The management never reinvested into the company, they were baking on 60+ year old gear. Had they done so they could of gotten by with less employees and kept the standard of living up for the remaining employees.

But I bet it's okay for everyone to make minimum wage.

Except you.
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