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Re: [HELP] Need help determining errors

First of all, be a pain. Keep complaining, opening tickets, escalating tickets, etc. Its the only way to get attention from big telco's. Companies with round the clock operational staff (especially in APAC) can afford to keep the telco techs on the line until the issue is resolved, making it costly enough they actually fix the root cause as opposed to ignoring it and hoping it goes away.

Second, if you are seeing the issue and the guys on the other side arent, check your local cabling between you and the smartjack/xjack. Get a physical T1 loop made (easy to make with wires and crimper). Use a female-to-female adapter to put it on the end of your cable facing your router at the jack and run patterns to it, 1's, 0's, alternating 10101010 etc. Make sure your house is clean before pointing fingers =P

Then, over a weekend or something, if you can tolerate the lack of connectivity, plug the physical loop plug into the jack and make the carrier run patterns to it. Get them to validate a million 1's, 0's, etc.

Check your show controller t1 blah output for more information and times. Figure out if the issue is load related, a stressed repeater somewhere down the line, etc. If all else fails and you are ready to give up, re-order the circuit and cancel the old one. See if the new one is on a better path. Reprovisioning on a new path is a lame fix but can resolve the problem when all other efforts fail.