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Austin, TX
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said by silbaco:

said by MyDogHsFleas:

Oh really? Their entire meteoric rise has been about offering products at premium prices that consumers want because they are compelling. Remember the iPhone which at its debut was widely scoffed at by the technorati? Why would you think they can't do the same things to TVs that they did to mobile phones?

Because mobile phones are subsidized. TV's are not. There is a reason Vizio is now the #1 TV supplier in the US.

Subsidized phones are only an issue in the USA, and the iPhone has been successful worldwide. It's simply how consumers in the USA are used to getting their phones, has nothing to do with why Apple was successful with the iPhone and why they will be successful at the Apple TV or STB or whatever it turns out to be. They are not stupid about pricing.

Also note that the subsidized business model is handled entirely by carriers, not by Apple. Apple gets their money up front when a consumer buys a subsidized phone.