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MSG Concert - Floor "seats & section" Question

I have tickets to see the Killers on Friday at MSG.
When i bought the tickets i assumed the 'floor' was one giant section so i bought 3. Now i am seeing that the 'floor' is broken up not only in sections but rows and seats.

When i think concert FLOOR i think GA and open space.

Wondering if anyone has an idea of how these "sections" are enforced. are they "one giant groups of sections or do they indeed have rows and seats as the tickets suggest.

i may have to sell my 3 singles and get 3 together is my issue.

I will call MSG or visit on monday since i work upstairs but was curious if anyone had info.
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Re: MSG Concert - Floor "seats & section" Question

Unless the ticket specifically says General Admission or GA, you won't be allowed into certain floor sections.

At the concerts I've been to, they'll typically have sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 (left, right, and center in front of the stage) blocked off from the others. The cut-off point is around half way through the floor.

If it's a sold out show, you're probably pushing your luck finding 3 adjacent seats near any one of your assigned seats. Depending on the night and the security, they tend to enforce the rules on floor seats more so than other higher sections.

You can see the seating chart here:
»www.cheapwholesaleticket ··· hart.gif

Edit: According to ticketmaster, the Killers have a special floor arrangement. The front section is indeed GA. Does your ticket say GA or D, E, F, 1, 2, or 3?
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what exit?

yes, my seats are in sections.
i just didn't know how strictly enforced it was.

I have been to shows where they have a section and seat and row, only to find it was a GA section.
I have seats in 1,2 and F.

looks like i have to get creative. you confirmed what i thought.
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MSG floor seats are just seats that are on the floor. Yes, they are very strict about you staying at your seat location. It is NOT GA. Sometimes you are better off getting seats on the side. You will have a better view and not get blocked out by standers even if you are. We went last night to the Jason Mraz concert. The 1st tickets were on the floor but 3 (?) sections back. We dropped those to get tickets in section 117. Much better.
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