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It's cool, I'm takin it back
Dallas, TX

[iPad] iPad Mini sleeve

Hey gang, just wanted to let you know about a sleeve I purchased for my wife's new iPad Mini. As you all know, the minis are pretty new, and there aren't a lot of choices out there yet when it comes to cases/sleeves.

My wife preferred a sleeve type case to protect her device while in transport. After some searching on ebay, I found this guy's store

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I ordered the simple sleeve for her. It took two weeks to come from the UK, but I'm impressed with the quality. The felt is nice and thick. The fit is excellent. The sleeve isn't gaudy or bulky and offers good protection while in her purse or bag. So, if you're looking for a simple sleeve, relatively inexpensive, quality made, and pretty quick to ship, check out his products.

(no, I am not affiliated with him other than being a satisfied customer)
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Campbell Hall, NY
I bought one of these for my mini - protects it and fits nicely in my laptop bag with all the other crap...

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I also recommend any of the cases from Incase. You pay a little more but the quality of the product is just amazing. They may not be on the cheap side but they will probably last longer than the cheap ones you have to keep buying over and over.

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im not a sleeve guy but wanted to add my 2cents on mini.

the smart covers suck, i just returned mine.
the design isnt condusive on the device this size, it always flopped flat.

im in search of someting like RiseAbove suggests, thanks.

what i really want is something like the bookbook » ··· ok_ipad/
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It's cool, I'm takin it back
Dallas, TX
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Wife actually prefers to use it with no case. But, she did want something to protect it while in transit. She has an iphone 4 ,that she's never had a case, and it looks almost brand new.

Oh well, she's happy so that means I'm happy.