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El Paso, TX

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Re: Why is Apple stock sinking like a stone?

said by FFH5:

Why do you think Apple may be getting dissed by Wall St? And will it recover or will it turn in to another Microsoft? Profitable, but no longer cutting edge?

I don't know about Wall Street. However, Apple could very easily go the way of IBM and Microsoft, and faster than them.
What i mean is:
The iPhone came out in 2007, and the iPad 2010.
This is a very short time compared to how long personal computers have been around.
It took decades for computers to become mainstream, it only took those devices a few years to not only become mainstream, but to quickly surpass the user base of the PC.
Those are the devices that made apple so incredibly rich in such a short time.
So apple became really successful in a very short period of time because of those new devices, but those devices will become obsolete much faster than the PC did.
All you have to do is go to any store to see not only how much competition they face with similar products, but how much prices have fallen.
Now, this isn't a huge deal because once these devices become cheaper it just means that many more people can buy it and they can keep their profits up, but the real problem for them is going to be the next Paradigm.
in 10 years we probably won't be carrying around devices that are both too small and to big at the same time like smartphones. (too big in the sense that they are a bit heavy to carry around, and too small in the sense that the screen is tiny compared to what our field of view allows us to see)
In the next decade, people are going to look back and think:
"remember the 2010's? they were terrible, you had to carry those heavy things with tiny screens around to get anything done"

I don't claim to know exactly how the next Paradigm will turn out, but if apple thinks it will keep being as profitable as it is right now by selling tablets and phones for the next decade, i think they are in for a very rude awakening. I think Google is better equipped to deal with the next Paradigm than anyone else as of right now.
The next step is getting rid of the carry-around computers and make the switch to augmented reality everything.