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[Wireless] WRT54G - 2 wireless networks from 1 router (I want ju

[Using Windows 7 and a Linksys WRT54G router]

I was having some connection issues, so I reset may router.

I went about the process of setting up a new SSID and whatnot via »
I used the same name for the router and SSID I had used before the connection troubles ("nworb"). So now under the network connections, "nworb" and "Other Network" are options, nworb being secured as I made it, requiring a password, "Other Network" not being secured.

It is apparent these are both coming from my Linksys router.

I have since fiddled with this a bit, resetting my router again and also going to Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center>Manage wireless networks>remove "nworb", so that I have no wireless networks listed.

Still, nworb appears as an available network when I click the wireless bars on the lower right of the taskbar, and "nworb" now requires the security key (NOT the password I chose earlier).
I am currently on the internet with the other network that appeared after resetting, named "linksys"...

I'm not sure where exactly I went wrong. Now I have nworb, which is no longer listed under "Manage Wireless Networks" and which I do not know the security key to, and linksys, which is the new one that came up after resetting, which I can connect to w/o any password or key.

Does anyone know how I can just get rid of all this, restore things to normal, and have one single, named, secured network again?

Thanks a lot for your time and attention.

Middletown, MD

Re: [Wireless] WRT54G - 2 wireless networks from 1 router (I wan

When you reset the router, the SSID becomes Linksys with no security. Just go into the configuration via and start over. Your best bet for wireless security is WPA. The WRT54g only has 1 wireless network.

Okay, I followed your instructions Kyawa. I now have a network setup under a new name with WPA security, which is good.

The one problem is, under the available networks, nworb still pops up. If I try to connect to it, it asks for a security key, and I'm unable to connect using any passwords I made previously. Under "Manage Wireless networks", my newly made WPA network is the only one that appears.

I will say, nworb was under WEP security, and may want me to type in a ridiculously long, randomly generated passcode?

Any idea how to get rid of this persistent "nworb" network?

Problem Solved.

Maybe I just wasn't patient enough; after sleeping on it, when I checked the networks this morning the other network that was apparently coming from my router (nworb) has disappeared from the available networks list.

Guess it just took a while for it to switch over.