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Glasgow, KY

Magic Jack Annoying One Month Message - No _ Very Annoying

When you pick your own phone number out of a list of available phone numbers, don't think it will be free. They will charge you every year for doing that. Then they will will make you listen to this big long winded message before every phone call you make for a whole month stating they want you pay a renewal for the phone number to continue. Do they really have to torment you with that annoying message before every phone call you make for a WHOLE MONTH?! Or, could they cordially let you know that you need to renew the Phone Number you picked. By the way, it cost $10 to renew the Phone Number even though the Magic Jack device is still up to date in its billing. I bought the 6 Year plan last year, but there was no clear mention that on top of that would be $10 to renew the Number every year. I wouldn't mind the Renewal if they would stop making me listen to that annoying message before every phone call.


Rockville, MD
When did that begin? First time I've heard of it. One would think the phone number remains active as long as the yearly fee is paid up. If not then as soon I hear such a message I am definitely out of MJ.

In the MJ FAQ section under the question 'Are there any other charges besides the annual service?', nothing is stated about having to pay extra to keep the current number.

First charging for call forwarding and now just to keep the same number? This is the way the airlines are nickel & diming their way to profit.


Mississauga, ON
it only applies to Canada


Glasgow, KY
It does not only apply to Canada. I live in New jersey and I picked one of the available NJ Area Code Phone Numbers. The Customer Support said I am being chrarged because I chose my number versus letting Magic Jack choose the number for me.

This was not a porting of any phone number I had previously.

If you choose your number, you will be charged a yearly fee. And, recieve an ANNOYING MESSAGE for one month or until you pay the fee.