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Lanett, AL
reply to Pollux7777

Re: Thinking of doing a race change. Suggestions?

I voted human and panda. The food buff is arguably the best available right now, and you can easily make up that expertise in reforging (and you don't have to try and stick with a sword/mace, you can grab an axe if one comes your way and not worry what it'll do to your stats).

If you have most of your reps out of the way or are into revered where you can take advantage of the +rep from that, I'd say don't worry about the +rep bonus with humans. If not, the +rep could be of benefit but it's one of those benefits that won't last forever (once you max out all the ones you care about it's useless).

Also consider your name like you said. Stouty doesn't work so well for a human for sure, but I could see it on a panda. Consider how much they love their beer too, think of a stout. It fits I think. Just make sure you stay drunk lol.