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Saint Johns, MI

[Fixed] Skyweb Installation

I took the plunge on the new WISP in the area, Skyweb. We've been up and running for a little over a week, and it seems decent. Not amazing, but for unlimited bandwidth, I'm happy to accept 3mb/1mb at $40/month. I do have some concern about how well it will perform come spring, when the trees fill out... The salesman said they use Ubiquiti gear, and they did indeed install the smaller Airgrid M2 on my roof, so clearly they're running 2.4GHz. I took a drive today to locate and eyeball the tower, and it turns out it's a relay mounted on top of a grain elevator at a farm 1.4 miles down the road. There is one large Airgrid, mounted vertically, pointing at an actual tower a few miles to the north, and there's what appears to be a single flat panel pointed up the road in the direction of my house. There may also be an omni jutting above the other two antennas, but I can't be sure; I didn't see any other gear. Not being terribly familiar with Ubiquiti's stuff, does it sound like a reasonably solid set up? Any concerns that the equipment I've described might not be able to handle many users at once? Not that I live in a densely populated area - 50 people per square mile at the last census. I'm really hoping this pans out well...
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Queen Anne, MD
Time will tell. Anything else is pure speculation without you knowing signal levels, etc. Even then, if you did, it doesn't indicate one way or another. Time will tell.