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reply to Billy Y

Re: [ARIZONA] Any other (former) Deru.com users?

Deru came back up -very unexpectedly over the weekend of the 30/1st about. I'd been trying to access thru my shell account for at least a month until then. I had been able to FTP to my site all the time, but by that weekend was pretty convinced it was going to be shut down altogether. I had transferred my domain and all the files I could grab the week before.

Now it's back up sort of. The problem on my side is that I can no longer access the CPanel system in order to grab the information I need to re-implement the php database which pretty much means I have to get a programmer in to bring the system back up.

I have no idea what the game is - I too had been a long time Deru user, have known Darin for easily twenty years, and this is a lot more and a lot worse than I expected.


Phoenix, AZ
Sort of is right. Deru email servers appear to be offline again today, along with the FTP servers and website.

A bit of a trainwreck, I'm afraid.

Billy Y

reply to gwpda
Well, sometime between 10AM and Noon today network connectivity to Deru went away again (I'd left a shell session running for a few days, and noticed it had died shortly after Noon) - they are again unreachable from either Puregig/Highwinds or Level 3.

I'd though about phoning Puregig and asking what's up, but then I thought if I did that maybe they'd realize they should have shut down Deru, so it seemed better to just leave it alone and give people more time to try getting their stuff moved elsewhere. If it stays down for a while, I will eventually make the call...

Regarding CPanel, Deru's license(s) seem to have expired, and I don't think there is any way for a user to load one of their own.

Billy Y..