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[General] Off hook signal persisting during call

For some reason the voip adaptor that I'm currently using is treating all calls as if the phone is off the hook. The call goes through perfectly until the offhook timer is triggered, which overlays an "offhook tone" over the conversation. Funny thing is that the phone conversation still remains connected after the tone has been triggered.

The adapter that I'm currently using is a preconfigured Grandstream HT502 that I got from my Voip telco. Any ideas on what might be going on?


IMO, you have two analog lines somehow crossed.

Check that you didn't accidentally press the conference button on one of your phones.

If you are driving existing home or office wiring with the adapter, the previous service may not have been completely disconnected. Do a test with one phone, connected directly to the adapter with a short cord.

Otherwise, the trouble is likely related to the second line on the adapter. Some two- and four-line phones are incompatible with some VoIP adapters. Test with a single-line phone.

If neither of the above apply, try another cord, preferably one with only two conductors (contacts on pins 3 and 4 only).

Though unlikely, this could be caused by a faulty adapter. If your service uses only one line, try configuring it to use line 2 instead of line 1.



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I can second that. When we bought our first VoIP two-line phone and had one office and one private line, the tone in the background remained there during every call. We switched to another VoIP telephone set which can handle many calls at a time and the problem was solved.