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[CenturyTel] Centurylink Internet Drops

So I had centurylink installed about 4 or 5 months ago and I've been having this problem ever since and I need some help figuring out/solving the issue. The internet connection drops for a couple seconds every 10-30 minutes. Sometimes it's longer. All devices connected to the modem lose connection. Here is some more info:

Location (if it helps at all): Kempner TX

-My computer is wired to the modem and the Xbox is connected wireless. Both experience the internet drops at the same time.
-The modem model is PK5001Z
-The internet light on the modem goes out at the time of the drop but the DSL light stays steady green.
-After pinging the server it seems that I get the message "Reply from Destination net unreachable." at the time of the drop. Usually in 4 lines.

What I and the techs have already tried:
-Rebooting the modem
-Trying another modem of the same model
-Trying different cord connecting the modem to the DSL jack
-Plugging the modem directly into the box on the outside of the house
-Disconnecting the house phone
-Something about bridges on the lines outside of the house to the server.
-Lowering the down speed to 1.5mb from 4.0mb

I don't know much about how DSL lines work but it seems like the issue is on the outside of the house.

The issue if very annoying as it drops me from pretty much every online multiplayer game. Any help or info is greatly appreciated.


Santa Rosa, CA
See.... »UPDATE:ZyXEL PK5001Z Modem dropping exactly every 15 minutes

Firmware issue with PK5001Z modem, call tech support and get a Westell 7500 sent to you or wait about three weeks for a firmware push to your router.