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reply to Kruisey

Re: Netflix and Internet use

Yes. 'Canada's version' of Netflix is craaaaap. Mostly ran out of shows/movies within a year thanks to the Canadian monopoly(rogers/bell/shaw/somerichguy) preventing Netflix from getting more content to Canadians.

On the other hand, whats generally on TV nowadays is far worse in some cases. And we shall not pay extra to the cable/satellite TV broadcaster for those 2 or 3 specially stations for 5 shows which equal 3 months of content. The library or * or DVD sale is cheaper by a long shot.

Canadas Comedy Network: why are you preventing those hundreds of 1 hour comedy specials from being played on Netflix in Canada? Is it so we have to suffer with your ignorant commercials/promos? Resulting in the TV being turned off into the first commercial break due to having an IQ much higher than 65 which is still above your 'commercial target' demographic.

Telus could compete with Netflix via 'on demand' and a low subscription rate for a full, just like on TV but without commercials, catalog of new/old shows/movies, but that will never happen as corporations are greedy and need that $billion profit in each quarter. On demand would also eliminate all those useless Canadian specialty channels as 5 of them play almost the same shows in a strange rotation.

Whatever happened to the 'commercial channel'? Commercials non-stop 24/7 and the channel was free too. Perfect for babysitting/brainwashing the kids for hours on end.


Vancouver, BC
I feel very sorry for many folks that due to financial circumstances have to use Netflix.
Do feel that the monthly rates charged to customers by Movie Central ,Home Box Office,Superchannel are getting too high.
This just encourages people to use Netflix and greater internet use instead of TV.
I wonder why the powers that be do not realize this?