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Guelph, ON
reply to J E F F

Re: [Hockey] Poll -- Will there be hockey?

said by J E F F:

Some good arguments here. And it's sad that the Marlies and the Hamilton Bulldogs are failures, though I'd argue that Hamilton isn't much of a hockey town. Also sad that the teams in Mississauga and Brampton are having a hard time getting traction. It's not like that in Kitchener or London though, very good turn out for all of their games.

One word: Marketing

I live in Mississauga and don't see a lot of marketing for the Steelheads.


reply to Kardinal
said by Kardinal:

said by ekster:

Do a lot of people know about it though?

I know the smaller games won't get the same recognition as NHL games just because NHL is in lockout... but if given time and some heavy publicity in the first year or two, and knowing that NHL is not coming back, I bet both Toronto and Montreal can easily give up the Habs and Leafs and continue to enjoy hockey.

That's just my point -- if they were HOCKEY fans, they'd know about the choices they have. If they only care about Leafs, they won't know because they aren't interested in anything other than the Leafs. The Marlies have been there since 2005 and they are closely tied to the 'big team' (with constant references in the media to players going up/down between the two), so if someone doesn't know about them I think it's because they don't want to.

same here when the rocket was playing at the bell center we were 300 in the stands some nights, meanwhile in the same league in quebec they were drawing 10 000