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pa prowler

Matamoras, PA
reply to momcat1

Re: Why is Optimum Holding Back Android App

said by momcat1 See Profile
I don't there is even that savings, from a STB fee, since when you run the app, it attaches to the STB's on the account, just like the laptop app does. So, if you have no STB on your account, it has nothing to key off of.

Only as far as it gives me the ability to watch on the TV set in my den without the monthly expense of yet another box (we already rent 3 boxes). Since we went all digital most of the channels that were clear qam are now gone. I don't watch television in here often enough to justify the extra expense. The ability to plug in the tablet on demand, even if the resolution isn't stellar, is an acceptable compromise to me. If I'm correct there's no additional "premium outlet" fee, either.