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[HD] Help! Virtual Remote on Slingbox HD Pro not working

I have Comcast DCI105Com1 DTA . DTA->Slingbox HD Pro ->TV

The channel the TV is connected to appears on my IPAD and PC . However the virtual remote doesnt change channels. Only the volume and mute work. (Using Comcast DCI1101 )
Slingbox IR cables connected properly.

FRUSTRATED !!! Any help appreciated . Thanks

Dan A

Kendall Park, NJ

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I use a Sling Box solo with a "XFINITY" Pace RNG 110

Make sure the Sling box remote wires are posited so they are aimed in front of you cabe box where it's remote sensors are. If the wires are positioned too far away from the box off have fallen out of place i found they will not be able send a signal.

Also make the Sling Box's cable box setting are for a Comcast DCI1101 so it is using the correct remote frequency to change the channel on the box.

Thanks Dan , I moved the wires to front of Slingbox and plus the sensors seemed positioned correctly but still cant change channels. I am using the DCI1101 remote. Maybe my IR wires are no good.

reply to aphoneguy
If you plugged the IR extender that comes with the DTA's in [its the one that's not a coax cable or the power] unplug it.