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Go Canucks Go
Hamilton, ON
reply to urbanriot

Re: Two Canadian spots on the 'must visit' for 2013

said by urbanriot:

That's a strange list and there's probably nuanced reasons for visiting some of those locations (it would probably help if I read the article as to why they suggest some of those).

I'm been to Crimea, Marseille, Malwai, Uganda, Thessaloniki, Greneda (shortly after a hurricane hit them so it wasn't such a vacation spot), Memphis, and areas around those locations but probably not specifically those locations.

At the top of my list of places people must see is Suqutra, Yemen. Whatever it costs for someone to go there, go there and bring a quality camera because there are so many alien looking areas that will blow your mind (and you won't see them through Google). I'd suggest going there before Yemen becomes a problematic area to visit.

I've been to Crimea and Uganda (my wife and I honeymooned in Uganda -- well, we did development/aid work instead of a honeymoon). I hope to visit Malawi some day, as we have a World Vision child there.
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