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Body Count

Columbus, OH
reply to adam1991

Re: Billing system--let's get this straight

You can't blame the lack of phone lines on the busy signal. Any business of today would have their own phone system which would route calls based on first come first serve. If WOW was still using land lines for their outside calls, I would be very shocked. Most likely it's a version of VOIP made for heavy business use because it's a lot cheaper. If the phone system gets overwhelmed, then that's why you're getting the busy signal.


This messed up update they did should have been rolled back the day after they found out it didn't go as planned. Any respectable business would have a "change administration board" that should oversee any changes happening that affects internal and external customers. This committee would be in charge of accepting or denying the change that someone wants to do. If you don't have a backout plan, then that's a clear sign the change is going to be denied. Looks like WOW needs to get up with the times and hire some temps to train their office staff on the right ways to run a business.

This should have been rolled back within 24 hours with a clear path to roll back. Making a change with no backout plan or no way to backout is just asking for trouble.. just like what happened here.