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Buffalo, NY

Time Machine DHCP and Nat + Ubee Router in Bridge mode?

I can't for the life of me figure this out. I recently had TWC installed in my house, and wanted to disable the NAT and router functions of it. I have a Time Machine hooked up to it from LAN1 (on the Ubee) to the WAN port on the TM.

The problems started occurring here. I figured the settings would be these:

Configuration mode:
Bridge DHCP: Off

Subnet Mask:
Router Address:
DNS Servers:,
Router Mode: DHCP and NAT

But using those settings, my TM says "Double NAT", so I have to change it all around to the default settings of the Ubee using NAT.

This leads me to believe bridge mode doesn't actually turn off NAT...


Buffalo, NY
A bit of an update:

It seems that the TM cannot handle DHCP by itself. When I have it configured to the TM doing DHCP and the Ubee using just NAT, or in Bridge mode, the TM doesn't seem to be able to keep up a constant connection between the two.

As of now, the wifi from the TM is dropping out every 10 minutes. It's currently hooked up with the TM in bridge mode and the Ubee handling everything.