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Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON

CISCO DPC3825 Heads Up

If you happen to get a CISCO DPC3825 that you want to put into BRIDGE mode but the default userid and password do not work call Rogers Technical support and they will fix that situation by loading a firmware that does 2 things:

1: the firmware that is pushed [loaded for you] will have the BRIDGE capability. [I was surprised to learn that some DPC3825 did not have "bridge" capability]
2: sets the default userid and password to the default advertised on the info card provided with the cable modem and once this is done YOU can configure the cable modem to act as a BRIDGed device or whatever your little heart desires.
David Mozer
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grand total

Interesting. I thought that the source of thousands of posts on the internet about not being able to put a DPC3825 into bridged mode was due to not starting from a reset to factory state. It appears that there is more to it than I realised.
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London, ON

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said by grand total:

It appears that there is more to it than I realised.

IMHO can't see Cisco factory firmware causing this problem because the userguide tells how to enable Bridge mode.

I'll bet this is a result of Rogers redistributing returned/traded in Gateways containing faulty Rogers firmware updates.

Just Rogers getting even because we complain about their lame ass firmware coding.

Could be wrong but what else would Rogers do with all the thousands of brand new reflashed Gateways they tell people to return...........they certainly don't throw them away and Cisco sure as hell won't want them back.