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Pearcy, AR

[Tech] Looking for input

I have a few weather related sites I provide ad free with credits to the sources. I was wondering what some of the community likes / dislikes about the tools.

I have the email app:
»www.serverstrategies.com/myweath ··· gnup.php

I have a Facebook Application:

Plain old weather site (oldest of all):

What would you like to see changed? I tried to get with all the big government agencies to get all the fire danger data in one source but nobody has easy tools to share this data. Which is probably why we keep having wildfires like we do. Transparency is key along with a source for people to visit to check all fire danger related information. I even bought a URL to do this project but put it on the back burner because of lack of support for state forestry agencies.

Oh I will be out of pocket for a while and will get back with any questions or comments when I get back. Thank you for taking time to give me input.


·AT&T U-Verse
I think you offer a good service but the presentation seems a little bland to me. The pink on pink email page is something I'd try to liven up a little. The main weather page has a lot of comprehensive features so it's not lacking in that regard. Have you given any thought to increasing the coverage area to attract a wider audience?

I realize how much work you've put into the site, and how it can seem like a thankless job, so please don't take my critique for anything other than constructive.

I've had a space weather site for over 10 years that I wrote all the code for by hand in Notebook. I used to include daily space weather updates but have pretty much lost interest in it and it sits idle at angelfire.com now. If you're interested you can PM me and I'll send you the link.

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Key West, FL
reply to screavan
Very simple.... populous saved from remote control NWS KW a critical resource to Key West...

Forget the Weather "WHORE" Channel get your info from a near by NWS station (my case two blocks.

Learn about weather interactions and make your own decisions.


Pearcy, AR
Actually all my data from NWS service aside from radar data, which I am working on changing over to NWS eventually either that or WUnderground radar data not sure yet.

I like to keep the site simple because a lot of the users that use the site end up logging in via cell phone or logging on a usb card (storm chasing). That's actually what made me choose the plain white / tan background with the lightweight buttons on the Facebook application and the mostly textual weather.myarkansas.org site.

I'm not sure what you mean by wider audiences? I know it's actually titled: My Arkansas Weather Alert but it works for everywhere. It defaults to Saline county as 80% of the user base was there when it first started. I made though so you can browse to a different county / state and bookmark that link rather than using post commands to change the state. I will end up changing it all to one system one day but I like to keep a separate system away from social network even allowing "Offline Access" on the Facebook app by bookmarking that sync link in the About page or emailing it to yourself somewhere else.

I'm considering coming up with some sort of domain that's catch and have experimenting with naming etc to make it all come from one domain rather than separate domains. Funding is tight though, between server costs for the email app and domain renewals & valid SSL's between them all it's hard to come up with the funding for "one more domain to end all". I actually buy domains at rock bottom pricing through my partner program I have so renewals are not bad at all. I found a new place to get SSL's cheap too since I just need to encrypt user data without the business verification etc.
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