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The Soylent - It's People
Ridgewood, NJ
reply to mjh2901

Re: Why did social media work?

said by mjh2901:


It looks like telephone support is not judged on fixing the problem just call volume.

When "management" is defined as a few levels of people sitting in offices reviewing spreadsheets of "metrics" then yea, that's exactly what it's about.

The guy or gal who takes the same issue and mis-handles it three times gets credit for three, and the one that gets call number four from the same customer, calms down a frustrated and pissed off customer, identifies what's really going on and resolves it, gets credit for one. To top it off rep #2 gets banged because that last call was too long to fit the mold because of the history with rep #1 and dealing with the angry customer.

In the worst cases, the worst reps are management's best reps and vice versa. Enough to make all the best people flee at their earliest opportunity, so they do.
Time is an abstract concept invented by carbon based life forms to monitor their constant decay.-Thunderclese