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Dropped packets - Wayne, WV area - Suddenlink

Hello all.
I live around the Wayne, WV area and have been struggling the last few days with lost packets. It's not only me either. Seems that most everyone in my subdivision is having the same issue.

I've plotted the issue with ping plotter from my Mom's house (who lives right down the street) and from my house and it's a FACT that we simply lose packets. I also have 3 other neighbors that I've confirmed have the same issue.

Over a 10 min. time frame we lose up to 5% of the packets. Trying to explain this issue to customer service is a nightmare. Tech's don't have a clue when they look at it.

I'm a telephony design engineer by trade and it's laughable some of the excuses I've heard from the customer service agents on the cause of this issue, lol.

Is there someone on these forums that I can share some results with and get some help on this issue?


Haughton, LA

SDL L3Tech can look into the line to see what the issue could be. You could also look at the Approved SL techs linked directly above this thread. Shoot em off a PM though it probably won't be until tomorow to hear back



Thanks. Did not see those list of techs in the sticky. I actually found an old email thread I had going with one of them and opened that backup. Already have a fast response too...so that's good.

SDL L3Tech

Tyler, TX
reply to Jason50

Yea, the guy you hit up works in the same office as I do. The packet-loss is caused by an RF plant problem. We'll sent all the information we have to the local techs so they can get it worked out.