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Very slow upload speeds and ping/jitter

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No problems with adsl modem/router 1 (can't use it anymore)
Nothing works with router 2
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow internet with router 3 (this test)
No problems with any of the routers using other computers
I have removed and installed new realtek gbe drivers. reported my download speed at a bit over 10mbit (I got 10mbit connection).
ping to my own country was between 30 and 300.
Packet loss 7%
Upload speed test loaded for ages and when it finally started, I got 0.04mbit (should have 1mbit)

I have checked my computer with multiple antivirus software.
I have tried to remove all antivirus software.
I have tried changing ports.

Router/adsl box is most likely not faulty. Other computers work fine.
If cable is faulty, why are there no problems with router 1?
If my computers hardware is faulty, why are there no problems with router 1?

So, I think it's a software problem. Removing and installing drivers did not help, even though it reset some settings. Help please?