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Houghton Lake, MI

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reply to mocycler

Re: Not, a smart move, but definately a wall street move.

said by mocycler:

Social media is overrated. Seriously. Companies go on Facebook & Twitter because it's "cool". But cool goes only so far for the bottom line.

It's a great marketing tool and definitely keeps a company's name in front of customers, but when used to resolve problems it can backfire in the sense that a significant number of Facebook followers are only there because they are pissed off about something. It's not good marketing to have angry customers putting their gripes on a public forum for all to see.

And of course money matters. When you have a dedicated team that spends an disproportional amount of time helping a limited number of customers vs. a call center rep who can take dozens of calls per day, a decision has to be made.

If companies would clean up their processes and give the customer a good experience to begin with there would be no need for these gimmicks.

No need for these gimmicks ?
Well maybe no need for Twitter But the Forum here would follow through on the issue until it was fixed, and if it was a customer, that just liked to bitch, then they would end up doing that in private.

So now what, back to you call in and if 50 other's in your area don't also call in then the call center don't think it is a real problem!
So the Customer with bad functioning Internet or Cable TV has to live with the bad service at the full price for what he fells is not working right.

The service center tech will service 12 people a day and be lucky to really fix 2 of them, the rest all still have issues to call again un-tell they give up.

I know what they think, we will send someone out to the house, and if it is not a charter problem then you pay a service FEE. The forum did not get a service FEE. Hmmm could that be it.
So you pay for service but you help pay to fix/maintain it also, that is not in the $500 Internet price just like the modem is not in that price anymore.