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reply to Mapleine

Re: [HSI] Slow speed in Richland, WA??

You're lucky then. It isn't all the time, but the service is expensive enough that I find a few days even unacceptable. Think of it this way, assuming you're on the 15/3 at 47.99 you are paying 1.60$ a day for internet. I hate throwing money away.

The bigger issue for me is they are aware of their problems but do little to really fix it. I called and threatened cancellation, most I was able to get is a discount for a month. Not bad I guess but really I'd rather pay 29.99 a month for semi-reliable service. They want to charge premium rates, offer comparable service.


Richland, WA
I wish they were like Netflix & would offer refunds automatically through email. They know which users are affected by a slow down and EVEN if they don't know if the user is actively using the Internet, it's still downtime or unstable connection. A quick email the net day saying sorry and offer a $5 bill credit or something would be a huge step towards keep customers happy. I have a microcell connected to the connection & even unstable times could really impact me when I'm not even on the computer. I know the level of Internet service isn't the same as a hard line phone, but it would be a good move for charter & might keep them on their toes with upgrades or maintince...


West Richland, WA
looks like slow speeds again tonight. would be nice to know what's wrong.