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[TWC] Time Warner Wifi internet keeps dropping after wifi upgrad

Hey Everyone I have had it up to here with TW and this is my last ditch effort. I live in playa vista which is a planned community in LA and our homes are prewired with ethernet/internet with TW. My router is in a panel in the closet (no cover on the panel), and my internet worked FINE for 7 years there. But about 6 months ago TW upgraded all the internet speeds in this neighborhood and its been a disaster since then. They gave me a new motorola wifi router and when its connected the speed is fine, but it CONSTANTLY drops signal every 10 minutes. not just my laptop...my tablet, my wifes laptop, our wifi security camera, etc...all drop at the same time! Once its dropped, the only fix is I have to do a manual "repair" of my wifi connection on my laptop, or toggle the wifi on my tablet. I am sick of doing this every 10 minutes all day long. TW sent technicians out here 4 times, and provided no answers except to keep saying to move the router to the main room. I keep telling them its fine there because it worked fine for 7 YEARS there! its a small condo and I am no more than 15 feet from the wifi at any given time. I have read this could be a DNS issue, and i dont even know what that means but i plugged the dns info into my laptop settings and that didnt seem to do anything. I know this is a settings issue, but dont know what. please help...am so grateful for anyone who can carefully walk me through what to do..i am not an expert so need guidance. thanks



Re: [TWC] Time Warner Wifi internet keeps dropping after wifi up

You may want to post your levels and modem logs. Are you having any issue with devices directly connected to the modem or just everything that is wireless? When you say they gave you a new wireless router was this before or after the problem had already started?


sorry i dont know what modem logs are. we are having issues only with wifi devices, but we dont hardwire anything into it directly. they gave a new wireless router to handle the upgrades speeds for the entire neighborhood. this was when everything was working fine. it was when they upgraded the speeds and modem that everything went haywire. thank you


I had this issue too after the recent firmware upgrade they did.. I was always able to get the wifi stack to crash with lan wifi traffic to ethernet lan but post update it does it more often. I found that rebooting the modem would give a longer time between maintenance than simply reconnecting, which tended to work for actually about 10 minutes before conqing out again.

The real work around? Just use some other wireless router bridged to the modem and disable the modem's wifi. My old ddwrt linksys has been back in service for the last 2 weeks and despite being 802.11 g... it was a great decision. g speeds are faster than no speeds.


thanks. so now i need to buy a new router and figure out how to put the existing router in bridge mode?