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Springfield, IL
reply to wadewood

Re: Comcast Houston remap OTA channels 12-09-12

said by wadewood:

Of course I missed recording TV football games because Comcast provided no notice of this change.

Considering they're going to be encrypting ALL channels in the near future, it'll all be a moot point eventually...
If you decide to upgrade to a cablecard tuner for your WMC, then it'll (also) be a moot point, as obviously the cablecard will take care of this in the backround.

Houston, TX
I have a cablecard tuner - Silicon Dust HD Prime as well as 2 OTA HD Homeruns for recording up to 7 channels at a time.

I use the OTA tuners for these basic channels and the cablecard for everything else.

This is the 2nd time in less than a year that Comcrap has changed the mappings of these channels. Redoing the setup on 7 PCs in house is a royal pain. I'm going to install external antenna and just pick these channels up over the air.