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Saint Paul, MN
reply to Sprakk

Re: [MoP] Leveling from 85-90

I believe there are a couple alternate zones (87-89 etc). I think both horde and alliance have to start out in Jade Forest though. After that you have some options.

If you are focused soley on instant ques then yes, que as a tank. However, if you dont like tanking, or are bad at tanking, for the sake of your group dont que as one

Wait times for DPS varies by your battlegroup (cluster of realms), but I'd say on average you're looking at 10-20 minute waits. If i que as dps its usually on the lower end, between 8-12 minutes. Your mileage may vary.
Polluxx - LvL 90 Human Warrior - (US) Nathrezim